🪙Frogpay ($FRGP) Token

The protocol aims to make monetary transactions between two parties efficient, worry-free and fair dispute resolution. Senders, receivers, jurors, and dispute analysts must work together towards this common goal. This requires a unified and fair incentive structure that aligns goals of different users and protocol.

The protocol is powered by protocol token $FRGP. The protocol will support the movement of a large variety of tokens, stable coins and NFTs.

The protocol token ($FRGP) has three primary utilities:

  • Security

  • Feature Access

  • Governance

Token holders will have direct voting rights and governance. This DAO will set up a fee structure, determine revenue distribution, approve grants, and approve upgrades and new features. Token holders will be able to vote on this. The aim is to have this governed by the community.

To become a juror or dispute analyst on protocol, users must stake $FRGP tokens. This will protect the protocol against spam users. Some user accounts (merchants, businesses) can access advanced features like early withdrawal, higher transaction volume, and lower transaction fees by staking $FRGP token.

Tokens will also be an incentive mechanism for the eco-system growth and reputation system.

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