Despite higher transaction speed and efficiency, cryptocurrencies have yet to get mass adoption in seemingly obvious use cases like peer-to-peer payments, e-commerce payments, and cross-border payments.

We consider that ease of use and lack of recourse in disputes is one of the most significant barriers in making cryptocurrency payment a method of choice for mainstream transactions.

In traditional banking systems, payment processors like PayPal, and banks are centralized dispute managers. Banks convinced users that credit cards are better alternatives to cash for purchases by providing a dispute mechanism for any transaction. There is no doubt that assurance of dispute management allows users to trust payments in unknown locations, increasing its adoption.

The FrogPay protocol aims to help users feel more assured in their transactions with other parties by providing account abstraction and decentralized dispute management. Crypto payments are irreversible by design. The native payment mechanism must rely on the goodwill of the receiver to receive a refund. In other cases, an addressing mistake can result in funds lost forever.

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